Rockets Hockey Club’s Dobnig Named WJC’s Fastest Skater In Preliminary Round For Austria

On Sunday, Jan. 1, the IIHF released its findings on the fastest skaters at the World Junior Championships through state-of-the-art camera technology placed around the arenas at Halifax, N.S., and Moncton, N.B. Rockets Hockey Club NCDC skater Jonas Dobnig, competing for Austria, was found to be the fastest in the tournament at 38.19 kilometers per hour (equal to 23.73 miles per hour)!

The event has unfortunately seen Dobnig and his Team Austria teammates go 0-4 in the preliminary round and they are currently fighting off relegation in a best-of-three relegation round with Latvia. However, Rockets NCDC Head Coach Jared Kersner was excited to see one of his players capturing such a high-level international honor.

“I am not surprised to see Jonas as the fastest or one of the fastest in the tournament. Watching him skate everyday in practice or in a game always widens your eyes, it is impressive to see. His speed makes him an effective and dangerous player. He is great on the forecheck, recovering pucks and hunting pucks down from behind. Guys want to be his linemate, he makes the game easier for them. What really makes Jonas special is the person and teammate he is. Every day he is one of the first to arrive and last to leave always with a smile on his face. Just like on the ice, off the ice he makes everyone around him better.”