USPHL Seeks Help Through Fundraiser For Florida Eels, Florida Jr. Blades And Fort Myers Area Families

Hurricane Ian has left Fort Myers, Florida, and surrounding areas devastated, with roads washed out, water in homes, severe structural damage and worst of all a humanitarian crisis – food, water, electricity being all scarce. Members of the USPHL’s Florida Eels (who play in Fort Myers) and the Florida Jr. Blades (who play in nearby Estero, Fla.) witnessed and were impacted by the storm firsthand. Some live locally and saw damage to their homes or other property, while others billet with local families whose property was devastated by the hurricane, which landed as a Category 4 storm just a few miles away from downtown Fort Myers on Sept. 28, 2022.
The USPHL is looking to raise money for the players, their local families, billet families, and team management – anyone involved with the teams who saw extensive damage and property loss or are in need of food, water and other recovery supplies.
Any funds not utilized by members of our two Fort Myers-area organizations will be donated to local youth hockey organizations.
Thank you from,
United States Premier Hockey League
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