The USPHL has been designed to give hockey players the opportunity to begin their careers at the youth level and strive to make it to the NCDC level.

Currently, the USPHL has the following divisions:

NCDC | Premier | Elite 

The Tier 1 Hockey Federation operates Midget Divisions, in which USPHL organizations field 15U, 16U and 18U teams.

Our teams pride themselves in giving all players the proper mentoring, coaching, community involvement and overall player development.

Season schedules are filled with great competitive games and also all teams will participate in Showcases across the United States to give all players the unique opportunity to play in front of scouts.  Every year the USPHL Showcases grow and give our players even more of an opportunity to get committed to college.


Will my son receive quality coaching?

The USPHL exists to move players to college hockey and the coaches are all highly regarded and respected within coaching circles. All of them have a wealth of experience in the game as both players and coaches. Most of all, they care about their players and work tirelessly to help them achieve their goals.


What kind of training will my son have?

Players in all USPHL teams will receive extensive on-ice training as well as a lengthy regular season schedule to further develop their skills. Additionally, the players participate in off-ice training to develop their strength, speed, and agility. The training programs are run by top-quality strength coaches and trainers and mirror those used by NHL and NCAA teams.

What sort of medical care is available?

Every USPHL team has a full-time athletic trainer to care for any injuries that occur in practices or games. Clubs also rely on doctors to provide medical care and physical examinations to ensure the players’ health.


Will my son have a good home environment?

Players will be housed with teammates or families of younger players from the USPHL clubs’ youth programs. Great care will be taken to ensure a positive “home away from home” environment in the USPHL. Players are coming from around the country and the globe, so a positive living arrangement in a new home is vital to the transition into the USPHL.

Where Will You Live?

For many players on USPHL teams, this is the first time they will be away from home, therefore our member clubs take great care in providing a healthy environment to help players grow both on and off the ice. The players will live either with teammates or with families whose children play in the USPHL clubs’ youth organizations. These families provide all the comforts of home for a player in order to cultivate hockey development, academic pursuits, and growth as a human being.  A player is fully integrated into their new home and “second family”, promoting a smooth adjustment that helps make his time in the USPHL a rewarding experience and creates relationships that can last a lifetime.


Will my son be seen by scouts?

Due to the USPHL’s location in the backyard of over 100 NCAA Division One and Division Three hockey programs, scouts are present at a majority of USPHL regular season contests. Also, showcases provide unprecedented access for scouts to see the entire league in one building. The USPHL clubs have lengthy lists of alumni who have advanced to NCAA and professional hockey due to the exposure to scouts provided by the league.


What does a player do in his free time?

Aside from practices and training sessions, players have a normal life during the season. High school aged players will attend classes either at a local school or online. Players who have graduated high school can take part-time classes at area colleges or online and/or work part-time jobs.


How does my son make a USPHL team?

There are multiple ways a player is selected to compete for a USPHL team. Players can be recruited by the coaching staff or attend one of the off-season tryout camps. Additionally, the players can be evaluated at USPHL NCDC Combine Series events. All players will have to earn their roster spots during training camps prior to the start of the USPHL regular season.

Our Billet Families Help Shape The League

"Our Billet player Tomi has been a wonderful addition to our Hockey loving family. This experience is one my young hockey players will never forget - A Big Brother they will miss when the season comes to an end. We are very proud to be a part of the Billet program, and the Palm Beach Hawks organization." -The Paradis Family

“Jé is my hockey brother, can’t you tell we look alike!”

"Having Tyler stay with us has been so enjoyable. His friendly face and enthusiasm has made our experience as a Billet family wonderful. He blended in to our family and we consider him one of our own now." -The Miller Family

"As a first time billet family, our goal was to welcome a player who needed a home, and who could hopefully have a good relationship with our two teenage hockey player sons. Our experience has far surpassed our expectations. Orlando was almost instantly a part of our family, and it’s strange to think about what our house will be like without him. I can’t say enough about what a positive experience this has been. " -The Klinsing Family

"“When hockey gives you another brother and he goes home for Christmas, our little girl loves and misses him and it’s only day 1 since he left. It has been a wonderful experience for all of us." -The Jendro Family

"We billet for Eric of the Minnesota Blue Ox. He is a great guy, helpful around the house, with our dog & our almost 9 month old. Reese is absolutely obsessed and gets so excited when Eric walks in the door. It’s great to be part of an organization that includes character and responsibility off the ice too." -The Ryan Family